By Rohan, 12 September, 2021

Using my mantra of "A Series of Small Bets" today (Sep 12 2021), I started working on a new side project. Inspired by the SEOtweets, a website that aggregates "The best of #seotwitter wrapped up, every week." 

Twitter hosts thousands of organic communities of people with shared interests. When you follow enough of the people who are a part of these communities, you get exposed to the popular tweets shared between the community members through likes and retweets. 

By Rohan, 16 November, 2020

I have always loved the life of an entrepreneur. It's one of the reasons I have never worked in a traditional job. However, one day in about 2016 it hit me that having been an entrepreneur for almost ten years, I never made $1 online outside of selling my skills as a software developer. At that time I was consuming hours of podcasts like "Smart Passive Income", "Entrepreneur on Fire" and "Eventual Millionaire" and books like "The Four Hour Work Week". I eventually got depressed because I felt I knew so much but was doing so little.

By Rohan, 10 August, 2020

The year 2020 made it both easier and harder to become a remote software developer. For context, I will have you know that I have been a remote software developer for about 8 years at the time of writing this article.  I was doing fulltime remote into the US from the Caribbean since before remote was considered cool. My specialty was doing Drupal web development. My primary role was as subcontractor for web development agencies who needed the extra help to service their clients.